Wednesday, June 01, 2005

For Whom the Bell Era Begins

Eli Marrero is out (23-year-old OF Shane Costa is in). Ricky Henderson is still available when the team decides to dump Long, Brown, and co.

Lima and his Lucky Charms still need to follow....

Bell sounds like he won't take any crap from the Berroa's of the world...

Greinke gets a win for the first time since the 1994 strike....

...and Allard Baird still looks gravely ill.

Ohh....and the Royals beat the Yankees tonight, 5-3. Other than that and the whole managerial change, nothing really happened.

.....Don't forget to go see Booker T (WWE wrestler) throw out the first pitch at Friday's game. I hope the strike zone isn't fixed.


Don't look now, but the Royals attendance is WAAAAAAY down. Opening day drew the usual big crowd (41,788), but since then it's been miserable. Game 2 of the season drew a measly 10,577, and without the help of St. Louis fans making the trip up I-70, the Cardinals weekend series would have also been in the teens. Tonight's game verse the Yankees (mind you school is out), failed to crack 20,000. Ordinarily, the series brings out a significant number of closet Yankees fans from all areas of the metro. Not so tonight.

Sure, the hiring of Bell as the new manager isn't going to sell any tickets, but the next two games with the Yanks still will be a good gauge on where the average attendance will be for the rest of the pathetic season.