Wednesday, May 11, 2005

"Alternative Media" Spills Beans on Pena's Off the Field Problems

Sports Radio 810 WHB's Kevin Ketizman refused to call The Pitch by name today, instead referring to them as an 'alternative media outlet.'

The Pitch's web site already has a front page story on Tony Pena's civil court proceedings. It appears that "Together We Can!" Tony got caught with another man's wife. Now he's pulling Pena into his divorce proceedings to show that the Royals ex-manager was a key figure in the dissolution of his marriage.

According to the Royals web site, some of the players reaction to Pena's resignation is....puzzling to say the least. Zach Greinke (or "Wacko Zacko" as he is known in some circles) was walking the streets of Toronto in the wee hours of the morning (he says he didn't sleep until 4a.m.).

Greinke admits to getting the news from his girlfriend, meanwhile Royals OWNER David Glass heard about Pena's decision from the media. We knew Glass was removed from the team, but this is a bad sign. How many other owners in MLB wouldn't know of these kind of moves before they are leaked to the media?

It's Going to Take Six...

The Royals have yet to win a game at this point in the season when they fail to score 6 RUNS.


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