Monday, April 25, 2005

Shirts for the Wal-Mart/Royals Lover in All of Us

The good folks over at now have merchandise for the disgruntled Royals fan. The Royals Rollback shirts helps kill two birds by expressing your frustrations with the team and with David Glass and his business practices.

He threw the ball very well.....update

What would a recap of a Royals loss be without Tony reminding us that the starting pitcher...threw the ball very well.

After Sunday's crushing loss to the White Sox, in which Chicago completed the three game sweep, Pena offered up his usual take on what transpired during the contest:

"Denny threw the ball well for seven innings," Pena said.

If Barid doesn't pull the plug on the Pena show, then prepare to hear this phrase roughly 100 more times between now and October.


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