Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The "Neifi Effect"

Back in 2002, Neifi Perez refused to be reinserted into a late-season blowout.

It was seen then as the first dent in Tony Pena's tenure as Royals manager.

In the aftermath of his resignation, we learn that Pena felt pressure not to publicly or privately reprimand any fellow Dominican players.


We thought that by bringing in Pena we would have a manager that would help to improve these guys rather than shield them from criticism and responsibility for the team's failures.

It turns out Pena was more interested in keeping the folks back home happy with his pampering of their natives sons. Hence the reason why Berroa and other are allowed to stay on the field and play absent-mindedly, rather than sitting them for extended periods of time (or even sending them down or shipping them out all-together).

We are sure to learn more lurid details in the coming months that pertain to this divorce proceeding that Pena finds himself embroiled in. It will be interesting to see whether or not his preferential treatment of Latin players becomes the focus of his tenure once the Clintonesque civil hearing fades away.


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